About My Running Leap

A Sweet Celebration

I have this amazing friend. You know, the kind who is pretty much good at everything and makes it all look really easy? She has a three year old and one year old twins, and while I struggled to keep up with my ONE child… she created an amazing birthday party for the three of hers. Thankfully she’s letting me share it with you!

For some reason the candy theme was difficult for me. I went through a LOT of ideas when I creating proofs for her. This one was my definite favorite, so I was super happy to hear that it was hers too!

Candy Birthday Party Invitation by Paloma Paper Designs

(Yep, that’s right. It was back in March. Over 4 months ago now, and I’m just now getting a chance to blog about it. Sometimes I try to channel her energy, but then I get tired just thinking about it…. so I usually just take a nap instead.) Okay, back to the party.

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A Little Mardis Gras Inspiration For Your Day


Happy Fat Tuesday, Everyone!

This is an invitation I did last spring for a senior tea, but never had a chance to share. This is about as festive as my “Fat Tuesday” is going to get this year. I figured I would share it  for those of you who find yourself in the same boat. Hope that you are having a wonderful start to your week!

Falling into Place

2013 Jan Chalkboard_edited-1

This is a photo of the chalkboard in our house right now. (Please forgive its imperfections… I am new to this whole chalk thing.) Towards the end of last year I had planned on my first post of 2013 being an announcement about how excited I was to re-open my etsy shop. Here we are almost a full month into the year and I am just now posting!

The truth is, there remains a whole other part of my life that requires some attention at this moment. In an effort to break away from my usual tendency to say yes to everything and assume it will work itself out, I’m doing things differently this year. I’m saying no. I’m focusing on what I can control, and doing what is best for my little family.

hope that all of these things fall into place sooner rather than later, and I can get back to running my little online shop. Until then, I’m working on the fun part of the business that made me want to start this in the first place… the creating. For those of you who have been asking, I am most definitely still here. Still working. Just not through Etsy at the moment.

In the mean time, If there is something that you are interested in, please feel free to contact me via email or facebook. I would LOVE to help you with your event!

Little Man Baby Shower

One of my dear friends is having her baby in just a few days, and I recently had the honor of being one of the hostesses at her darling baby shower. We {admittedly} got a little carried away with this one, but it’s kind of hard not to when you’re dealing with babies! Thankfully, we were surrounded with wonderfully understanding friends and family who not only reminded us of how crazy we were being, but jumped into the trenches with us to make sure we made it across the finish line by 1:00 on the day of the party.  If you were one of those individuals… We cannot thank you enough!

We selected the “little man” theme initially because we weren’t sure if we were going to be hosting an all girl shower or a couples shower, and wanted something that would work well either way. I designed several invitations for the event and oddly enough, four women seemed to come to an easy consensus on the invitation.

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Halloween Trick-or-Treat Printable

Halloween is just around the corner! My son is starting to get to the age that he really enjoys stuff like this, so I’m really excited about taking him trick-or-treating.

As much as I hate to admit it, the last 4-5 years my husband and I were one of the “lights off” houses. We lived on a street that didn’t get much halloween traffic though, so it was much easier to justify being “that” house. THIS year, however, we’re on a new street in a new home and are guaranteed to be seeing more than a few little ghosts and gobblins out there.

Unfortunately, my husband leaves on a business trip the morning of Halloween, so there won’t be anyone to stay and pass out candy while my son is collecting his own. Not only that, we’re also going to be missing a special trick or treat session organized for our local fifth graders.

SO, in an effort to redeem ourselves from the past several years, I created a “please take one” sign for our candy bucket that we plan to leave out on the porch!

Trick or Treat Candy Sign

I made two versions of the sign.  One orange and black, and another with purple as well.  Please feel free to download your own copy here!

special thanks to mjranum for the Halloween shape!

Pennant Baby Shower

One of the designs that I feature on my etsy shop is this Pennant Baby Shower invitation. Designed to celebrate one of my dear friends, she really wanted something that wasn’t too girly. She originally told me NO pink whatsoever, but being the mom of a boy I was dying to have at least some pink!  Luckily we ended up being able to slip a little bit of it in there without going too over the top, and mom was still happy.

At the shower, we stayed fairly simple with the decorations, and created some name banners that matched the invitation design.   Continue reading

It’s all just a game of LIFE

It’s been about a month since we moved our family into our new home. Our second move for the year, this one was a bit easier seeing as most of our things were already packed. Settling into the new home, however, has been a bit more difficult for us. We’re getting there though… slowly but surely!

Unfortunately, with everything we have going on I think my original plan of opening my etsy shop up by the end of the month is going to have to be postponed. In the mean time, I’m going to be sharing more of my new (and some not so new) projects. This particular post would fall in the “not so new” category.

A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of co-hosting a couples shower for some very dear friends of mine. Bridal showers involving the guys are always a little tricky (they can be such complainers!), so we tried our hardest to find a theme that didn’t just scream bridal shower.  The result? A Game of LIFE shower!

None of us had played the game in ages, so we had a bit of recon work to do. Luckily one of my co-hostesses knew several families who were gracious enough to let us borrow their games. After a few days of research and planning here is what we came up with!

The invitation. Mostly, anyway. The actual design of their invitation was slightly different, but very similar to this one.

We created larger versions of the game pieces to decorate with. It took a bit of planning (and a lot of scotch tape), but I was so excited with how they turned out! Continue reading