I am a working mom to an especially charming little man.  I share a home with him, a wonderful husband, and two lively terriers.

Paloma Paper Designs, founded in 2010, was originally inspired by my son.  I was looking for a new creative outlet after he was born, and just prior to his first birthday an old college friend was kind enough to plant the idea in my head that it was something that designing was something that I might actually be able to do!

Currently I lean more towards custom designs rather than off the shelf items for people to purchase.  Mostly because I love working on projects for people that I probably would not otherwise have ventured to make!  I do, however, also have an Etsy shop that is slowly but surely starting to come on line with a few of the designs that I am particularly fond of.

If you’re looking for something for your next upcoming occasion, please feel free to stop by the Etsy shop, or send me an email to inquire about a custom design!  My email address is hls125 [@] gmail .com.

You can also keep up with the latest (and also catch any specials or give aways) by Liking Paloma Paper Designs on Facebook!


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